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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

There I was, just minding my own business...

It's not every day I get a public dressing down, but at last Wednesday's planning meeting in Bootle Town Hall, that's what happened.

There was a heavy agenda, with several petitions, so the public area was packed. We were dealing with an application for War Games activities at the back of Shorrocks Hill Country Club. The lady who had presented a petition against the application was being questioned by Formby Tory councillor, Barry Griffiths. In true Barry style, his questions seemed more like prompts, designed to encourage the petitioner to make the most of her case.

Cllr Paul Tweed gave me
a public dressing down
My colleague, Cllr Jim Byrne, made loud comments to this effect to Cllr John Dodd on his left. Unfortunately, I was sitting on Jim's right. My nose was in the agenda when the Labour Chair, Cllr Paul Tweed,  reacted to what Jim had said:

"You are wrong, these are questions, and we need to hear the answers. And councillor Hough, don't interrupt the proceedings again - you should know better than that!"

At that point I looked up and said indignantly: "Excuse me Cllr Tweed, I haven't said a word!"

Jim put up his hand like a naughty school boy and said. "It was me!"

The officers, particularly Andy Wallis, the out-going Planning Director, were doing their best not to break out into laughter.

Paul quickly apologised and we moved on.  A few minutes later Peter Cowley, Sefton's Principal Solicitor, appeared at my side with a hastily written apology from Paul. I can only assume that Peter had warned him I might sue for defamation of character if he didn't put it in writing. I looked across at Paul and smiled.

After the meeting, somewhat embarrassed, he repeated the apology. I told him not to worry, we all make mistakes, and was it okay if I printed his apology in Focus?

This time there was loud laughter from several officers.

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  1. you always need an sense of humour to survive in politics!!!

    Rob Roy.