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Monday, 16 July 2012

The day the music died... Marc Bolan unplugged!

Talking about Paul McCarney and Spruce Springclean having the plug pulled on them in Hyde Park, reminded me of the time I went to see T.Rex at the old cinema in Wigan.

It was 1971 (I was only a child), and the band were promoting Electric Warrior - the album that made Marc Bolan a rock god. The band were in full swing to a packed audience. Many had left their seats and were crowded together at the front 'freaking out' to the music, when suddenly all the power onstage went and the sound died. A Ted Heath look-alike wearing a suit and bow tie appeared beside Bolan, and taking the microphone from the soon to be legend, demanded that everyone returned to their seats otherwise the concert wouldn't continue!

Bolan's jaw dropped, but he kept his cool (I think he was high on something), and put his arm around the cinema manager, assuring 'Ted' that he would ask them to sit down, and that it wouldn't happen again.

The power was switched back on, and the concert resumed without further problems. T.Rex had been treated like a Saturday night pub band. Who would believe it!

I often wondered if, as Bolan became a household name, whether the manager concluded in retrospect that he had over reacted, and might have treated Bolan with a bit more respect? But then again, in light of what happened to Sir Paul...

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