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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Bumped into the new LibDem Chair of the Tory Club

I was out delivering our Focus newsletter to residents this morning, and bumped into my old mate Jack Colbert on St John's Road. You may know that last week Jack hit the front page of the Champion with the headline: TOP LIB DEM IS TORY CLUB CHIEF.

I remember thinking at the time - Steady on Jack, you're taking this coalition business too far! The truth was even stranger. Apparently Jack plays snooker at the Moor Lane club - although he isn't a member. They needed a new Chair to get them out of their dire financial position, and local Conservatives weren't interested - so they asked Jack, who accepted.

Jack's comment to the press was classic Jack: "I go there for three reasons; because there's cheap ale, good snooker tables and no Conservatives!"

This morning Jack told me that the story has gone nationwide, appearing in the likes of The Sun and the Daily Mail. Jack also told me that since the story was published, the club has attracted a steady stream of new members. Things are looking up then!

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