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Friday, 21 January 2011

You can't please some people all of the time

We had a lively meeting of the Crosby Area Committee on Wednesday night. The committee, formed of all local councillors, sits in public - and I am the Chair.

There was a lot to debate - transporting sand from Crosby to Hightown to aid sea defences, reinforced with 'rock armour', improvements to the junction at North End Lane and the Formby Bypass, and of course the apparent lack of action when the snowstorm hit Sefton a few weeks ago.

I was pleased that the Chief Executive and two of her officers attended to address the meeting on this matter - and to take questions and rather a lot of flack. It was a pity the cabinet member didn't attend - despite an invitation to do so.

There was one large chap in the audience who was very enthusiastic about everything we discussed, and often complained (rightly so) that he couldn't hear. I allowed him to speak on a number of occasions, but there were others who wanted to contribute - so he probably didn't say as much as he would have liked. As Chair you have to tightly control proceedings otherwise you could be there all night.

The way I work it, I let the public question officers first, then I let members in. I'd done this on the last topic, but the big chap in the audience was still waving his arm about to get my attention. At the end of the meeting I thanked the public for attending and for their contributions. In a very loud voice, this chap said with much feeling:

"And thank you very much for ignoring me at the end!"

You can't please some people all of the time

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