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Monday, 17 January 2011

Playing to the gallery was a big fiddle

Not every trade unionist in the public gallery at Bootle Town Hall recently was impressed by the Labour group's antics in refusing to agree a single cut to the Council's budget - without offering any alternatives.

Sean Thornton told last week's Champion that he was losing his job, but accepts that the country is 'in a deep financial mess' and commented that he was disappointed that 'the Labour Party refused to sit down with the other two political parties... to put forward a budget that would save jobs'.

Alan Carr also writing in the Champion went even further. He said he went to the council meeting to protest over the cuts, but accused Labour leader Peter Dowd of 'playing to the gallery and turning the meeting into a pantomime'. Alan said he 'won't be used by the Labour Party or the union for their political aims'. After being a union member for 30 years and a Labour member for twenty-two - he won't be renewing his memberships, he said.

Another trade unionist who wasn't impressed with Labour's blatent abdication of responsibility, was Liberal Democrat leader Tony Robertson.

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